Our flexible structure and decentralized organization allows us to work closely in understanding our customer’s needs. This quality is reinforced by our background as a consultancy company. Our 7P MDM mobile device management platform provides us with an excellent technological engine for enterprise mobility. It allows our customers to “test the waters” – within a highly scalable system – and to create a bespoke solution for their needs.

The entire MDM solution, which provides the foundation for “Enterprise Mobility”, makes it possible to administer and secure smartphones and tablets using all the common operating systems, whether it is iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian.

Taking advantage of this highly scalable system, along with our flexible pricing structure, allows businesses to progressively integrate their departments into mobile processes. The enterprise mobility solution grows incrementally with your business requirements. We can help with more than just the technical implementation of the system. We constantly look for new ways of achieving competitive advantage “With our customers – for our customers!”. We find solutions for the challenges facing them by working closely with all affected business departments, not just with the IT department.

Our customers believe that we, as a German company, are familiar with the rules that apply and can guarantee data security. The TÜV certification granted to our MDM platform provides a strong endorsement of this capability. We have observed that the demand for information and advice is strong. As a single point of contact and strategic partner we provide active support to all our customers, from the very first plans through the daily operations of your MDM system.